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 Arizona's sun can really penetrate your homes exposed windows heating up rooms and making your home feel uncomfortable. Uncovered windows let in the suns rays exposing household items to potential sun fade along with unwanted higher electric costs.

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Phifer SunTex Solar Screens are the solution to this problem. In diagram 1 you can see what happens when the sun shines on a  fully exposed window. Diagram 2 below shows you how the suns rays are blocked out using Phifer sun control Solar Screens.
Look what happens in diagram 3. The BTU's drop drastically when Solar Screens are applied saving you money and keeping you cooler. Solar Screens block the sun not the view. See how Solar Screens can save you money.

Suntex is a unique woven mesh that can block 80%-9
0% of the suns rays before they reach your windows and doors. This heavy duty fabric is made of a heavy woven-coated polyester that is resistant to mildew and is also antimicrobial.

Let us assist you with the large variety of frames and screen colors. One of our screen specialists will have product  samples available to help you choose which frame and color fits the right application. More color choices available than shown.

Whatever solar screen choice you make we are here to help.Give us a call today to set up your free estimate.


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